Mercedes-Benz Actros 4160 SLT 8x4 + modular low loader Scheuerle/Nooteboom InterCombi

My first bigger and longer project was a combinaction of heavy-duty 4-axled tractor Mercedes Actros 4160 SLT with modular trailer Scheuerle/Nooteboom InterCombi with 14 axle lines (4 wheeled modules + other equipment). The building itself last about 2 years, but the view to this sizeable combination still fascinates me.

Making of the trailer

The building of this combination I started with making of the trailer. I get some materials from Scheuerle, so I had the main dimensions of the modules. First I made the frames of wheeled modules - to get a high number of combinations I chosen types with 2, 3, 4 and 5 axle lines. As there is 14 axle lines and in each line 8 wheels, I had to make 112 wheels for the modules and some spare wheels too. After finishing the wheeled modules I made a gooseneck, drawbar triangles, trafo-bed, vesselbridge and other equipment.


Making of the truck

Originally I planned to build another tractor for the trailer - a 4-axled Scania, but I couldn't get the necessary materials for it, as it wasn't a serial produced truck. A year before building the trailer, Mercedes launched the new version of Actros (MP3) and they offered a 4-axled tractor for heavy transports with stronger frame, hydrodynamic clutch, additional coolers and other equipment for heavy duty apllication. I get nice and detailed information about these types, so I changed the plan and built this one.

As it is an earlier model, you can find there using balsa-wood and other materials, I don't use nowdays. I made the wiring of the chassis, some tyre-pattern and other details for the first time. Also, first time I sprayed the complete chassis and engine (before I painted these parts by brush). There is also a ballast platform for the truck, so it can pull also a drawbar trailers. 


The finished combination

Here you can find some photos of the finished tractor (also with ballast platform) and trailer combinations loaded with vessel, transformator and a wheel loader Liebherr L586: