My first truck models

Here I show my first projects from my early years - my first scratch built truck models from years 2000-2003 - when I was 12-15 years old. Models are in lower quality, but they always mean for me nice memories of the beginning.

Volvo FH12-420 with curtainsider trailer Van Hool

I found the inspiration for my first ever own truck model in a Trucker magazine, where was a test of this tractor. For more information I wrote a letter to Volvo dealer and I get some nice brochures. First I drawn several views in scale 1:25 and from these drawings I could measure the dimensions for creating the parts. As I had some practice with paper models I've chosen this material for building process and wood and plastics for pieces what I couldn't make from paper. As the chassis is painted by watercolors it's a bit deformed, wooden parts (incl. wheels) doesn't looks very well. The cab and body parts I painted with glossy car paint, for parts in chrome I used paper from chocolates. Frame and rear doors of the trailer also were painted using watercolors, so they are pretty deformed :)
I made this model in 2000, when I was 12 years old and thanks to it I still make truck models!

Scania R164L 580 Topline

My second scratch truck was this two-axled Scania which I made in year 2002. New features were the all-paper wheels and opening cab.

Mercedes-Benz Actros 1843

My third truck in a row was this Mercedes Actros with L-cab. There are only a few innovations like marking of panels on the cab or aluminum footsteps and catwalk. After an unlucky spraying of the cab I had to make a new one what I painted rather by brush. The red "flames" on the sides of the cab I cut out from a sticker.

DAF 95XF 530 Space Cab

As I was often inspired by trucks tested in trucker's magazine, this one I've also chosen from it. So my 4th tractor was this DAF 95XF with Space Cab - the truck of the year in 1997. There are noticable only few improvements in the technology: I made an experience with paint for the chassis, it was a mix from black ink and acrylic clear coat. There are still a lot of details - like grilles, mirrors, tires - painted with black marker. Seats were coated by textile and leather cloth,  dashboard has got a wood-imitation around the instruments. As it's a simplier truck model, the building lasts only one month. Cab has wrong proportions, it's too wide and thanks to it it doesn't look very well..

MAN TG-A 41.660 8x4

My first ever heavy tractor was this 4-axled MAN. First I get some materials from OAF plant in Vienna (producer of special versions for MAN). I begun as all the time - with chassis, next I made the construction with tanks, cooler and other equipment behind the cab. I painted with same black ink (and clear coat for some parts) as DAF's chassis. After wheels and mudguards I made the cab. It was painted with silver synthetic color and got the interior with leather seats and some other details. The most unavailing things are the wheels as they are too small.

Volvo FM9-300 6x2 box body

After making of five tractors I needed some change and I've chosen this 3-axled box body truck from Volvo. The original one I found in official brochures. Chassis and powertrain is quite simply as the body covers the most of them. Cab and spoliers had not half bad shapes, they were painted by same color as my first truck, chassis and engine by watercolor + acrylic clear coat, tires and other details in black with marker. The box body were made from cardboard, covered with white paper, aluminum profiles on corners were also made from paper and painted with synthetic silver paint. Wheels had still bad proportions but on this distribution truck they looks like low profile tires. Building itself lasts about 56 days.

Scania T124L 6x4 with low loader Goldhofer STZ-VL4

My first heavy-duty combination was this bonneted Scania and Goldhofer lowbed duo in blue. Compared to previous ones, there are several improvements. The main thing is the correct size of the wheels, what I measured on drawing in my building scale (1:25) sent by Scania. This drawing also made possible to make more realistic and more detailed chassis. Cab and body of the truck were sprayed with blue synthetic color, onto the sides of the cab I sprayed the griffon logos. Wheel rims, exhaust pipe, air horns and roof lights were sprayed into chrome color. Trailer is extendable with steering axles. Wooden surfaces were made from thin plates of real wood impregnated with scumble. The load is a vessel made from plastic bottles. The building of the tractor lasts 65 days and the trailer about 36 days.

Volvo FH12-500 Globetrotter XL with low loader Broshuis E-2190/27

Last truck I assign to my beginnings is this FH12-500 from Volvo. Truck is equipped with Globetrotter XL cab, I-Shift gearbox and hydraulics for tipper/low loader. The model of the tractor was made in 2003 and the building process lasts about 75 days. The chassis with powertrain is more detailed as on previous trucks, for the first time I tried to imitate cables and air hoses on the rear part of the frame. Wheels were still painted with black marker, mudguards and some other parts painted by black ink. I realized opening doors so there is a better view to the interior.

The extendable low loader is a newer project, made in years 2005-2006 (after the combination of Mercedes Actros - Scheuerle/Nooteboom IC ). Originally I planned it for the 3-axled Scania R470, but it was finished earlier than the Scania tractor. The trailer has a lot of improvements like wheels with real holes, wheel nuts, tires with tread and signs, detailed chassis of the trailer with air/electrical wiring. There is a functioning extension of the length, steerable rear axle or slideable stablization legs.