My name is Peter Jankovic and I live a small town called Zeliezovce in Slovakia. I'm a modeller of trucks and heavy-duty machines in scale 1:25. My models are mainly scratch built papercraft trucks and machines. This website presents the lineup of my finished models, recent projects and other information.

First I want to introduce myslef: I'm a 24-years old student of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava on Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. I study as engineer of bulding-, earthmoving- and agricultural machines. Before university I finished on Secondary Technical School in Komarno (mechanical engineering and CAD-systems).

Designing and building of paper models is my hobby since my childhood - I get in contact with models when I was 7 years old. In early years I built everything: from airplanes to buildings. Next to paper I tried making of plastic and wooden models. The reason why I've chosen trucks was my interest in heavy vehicles. My first self-made (scratch-built) truck was a Volvo FH12 tractor what I made in year 2001. Then it was the first scratchbuilt model what I succesly finished and it was a great motivation for next ones.

Nowadays, thanks to internet and forums I'm on a higher level than before 10 years: for design instead of ruler and pencil I use CAD-program, instead of painting with water colors and brush I use acrylic or syntethic colors and airbrush. Over the years I learned a lot of new technologies from modeller-colleagues and thanks to it I could improve the quality and details of my models.

I hope you will find my web interesting and if you have any questions or ask, don't hesitate to contact me!

Last update 18th October, 2012

After a very long period this update comes with new design and changes in the structure. The most important change is that I leaved workshop section - the progress of my buildings you can check on several forums (you can find links in Actual projects section). My new projects and finished models I'll announce in next updates. Enjoy!