Liebherr L586 2plus2 wheeled loader

My second building machine I started to make as a test-builder for my Czech friend, Tomas Moravek. I helped him with design and editing some details as well as making the release-version. The model is now avaible for free download on forum!

Making of

When Tomas Moravek begun with a project of this low loader with plan to release model for public, I promised him a test-build before the release. I started this project in February of 2009, when I still worked on CASE excavator. First I made the frames and wheels. Cutting the tire-tread from 2 mm thick cardboard was a bit "hardcore" but it gives for the wheels a nice and realistic look. I continued with axles, booms, bucket and body elements with smaller improvements in the design. Also I edited the interior of the cab and made a new, more detailed engine. After finishing on other parts I sprayed them with synthetic paints. During final assembly I added other details, labels, decals and hoses. I finished the loader in January, 2011 when the model was also released for free download (read below).

For more pictures and more detailed building process click on forum!

Finished model

Some photos of the finished wheel loader:

Wheel loader as a cargo on a combination of Mercedes Actros heavy-duty tractor and modular low loader Scheuerle InterCombi:

And pictures of the "brothers" after modeller contest in Banska Bystrica: the bigger one (scale 1:25) is mine and the smaller (scale 1:50) made by Martin Potančok:

Free download!

As I mentioned, the papercraft model kit of this wheel loader and some additional equipments are free for download on forum. So if you want to build it, you only have to print the pages from pdf files. You can also present your building on our forum!