Scania R470 6x2/4 Highline

My last finished truck is a 3-axled tractor from Scania. I started the building during my secondary school studies as a free time project at the college. After a long pause it was finished for 4 years, in 2011. This truck gave me a lot of experience with new techniques and making this project I begun drawing by PC.

Making of

The building itself started in year 2007. First I made the frame, suspensions and powertrain components. Next I made and assembled onto the chassis fuel tanks, wheels and other details. Meanwhile I started to draw using CAD-software, which increased the precision of my work and speed up the drafting time. Projecting of the cab and mudguards I already made on computer. After finishing on a secondary school (in summer, 2008) I stopped the building because of working on another projects. I continued in February, 2011 with interior, spoilers and other details, like footsteps, lights, mirrors, etc. The model was done in early October, 2011.

As between start and finish passed several years, there are a lot of noticeable changes. On first pictures you can see using of a balsa wood, but I discarded it and replaced by other types of paper. I tried a lot of new techniques, thanks to them it's more detailed than previous ones. I realized wheel nuts, tire treads, metallic paint and other details. The doors can be opened, this function needed a lot of extra work.

More pictures and details from the building you can find on Slovak Papermodelers forum, Dutch Wesje forum and Norwegian Teamsorlandet forum

Finished truck

Here you can find more photos: